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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Sunday, March 8, 2009

MLS preview on Fox; Beckham takes his knocks

Fox Soccer Channel debuted its half-hour Major League Soccer 2009 season preview on Sunday night. The next airing will be Monday March 9 at 5:00 PM Seattle time.

Speaking of previews, Laurie at the Seattle Offside blog is starting a series of "Get to know your Sounders" quiz blogs. Check the first one out here!

Of course the league will be without gate-enhancer David Beckham until August. Several of us think he's a jerk. Prost America Soccer weighs in; Seattle Soccer Examiner slaps Becksy around.

Next Season Sports continues its profiling of Sounders FC players. This time out it is a look at speedy midfielder Sanna Nyassi.

A change of 'Heart?' No, not Beckham. Dave Clark, who also gives a sneak snip of the new fan magazine "Soccer Seattle." It will be good despite the name.


  1. Please don't degrade your soccer knowledge by putting down Beckham. Forget about the old days, when Pele came to the US. He is the one and only big name to come so far and everyone expects him to be committed to everything this league is and will be. Oh, come on! He is just the first. Any other multi-million dollar player with fame will be no different and even worse. Why is everyone so naive, to think anyone not from the US has a bit of loyalty to us. WHY WOULD THEY! I can't wait until the next one does something similar. Maybe Freddy L. I hope not, but think about it.

  2. I am not 'degrading my soccer knowledge' by calling it for what it is. I am not surprised this is happening, nor do I think it will mean that much in the long run. However, I wasn't the one who gave a 'bring the sport to America' speech two years ago, he was. So now he wants to take some of it back? At least Ljungberg has been quiet about his entrance, not saying over the top things in front of gawking, adoring children in choreographed photo opps. :)

  3. The one difference you have to look at is that David Beckham was and is way larger than Freddy L. Beckham may have said this and that, but at least he came. The point is that this is a buisiness and a passion. He is excersising his right to business and to passion. He doesn't owe us anything and we should just be happy he came. Complaining more only looks as if we needed him and banked everything on his presence. I don't think that is true. Good for him for coming and taking the risk. It sure has made for a much more recognized MLS.

  4. Good job brother


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