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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wexley Sounderfies Seattle!

We've got the scoop over on our Examiner page. Wexley School For Girls are going to let Seattle know what's up today with a giant Sounders scarf on the Tullys building near I-5, among other coolness. See also: ScarfSeattle.com

Fans are talking about the 'viral marketing effort' in the GS forums.

The Sounders lost 1-0 to River Plate today in Argentina. Quick! Get on that plane.

Speaking of planes, if this is your bag, the club are encouraging fans to meet the Sounders at the airport tomorrow.

Did you miss the behind the scenes blog about the Wexley Sounders billboards? Check it out here. Hmm...one of those ardent scarf-wavers sure looks a lot like...me!

ESPN / Ives posts a season preview of the Sounders here.


  1. www.ScarfSeattle.com

  2. Updarted. Just doing our 'viral advertising' part! :)

  3. sounds like you have a hoot ... enjoyed your blog keep blogging.


  4. There is some behind the scenes video action of the scarfing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCp6k6necNo and it's also on the scarf Seattle page.

  5. Then again, the truth that Wexley comes off as a wee bit unusual, a tad undercover, matches big-name customers like Enthusiasm, Nike, ESPN and the Washington Sounders just excellent.


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