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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Seattle Soccer Examiner

Thursday, August 7, 2008

College Soccer Bloggers Wanted

www.GOALSeattle.com, www.GOALTacoma.com and www.GOALKitsap.com are looking for bloggers and / or reporters to help us cover college soccer this Fall!

We have been in contact with many of the Sports Information Directors around the Sound and are lining up players and coaches to send us exclusive blogs about their clubs.

If you are a player and would like to blog for one of our websites, please contact your coach and your SID. They can contact me: David Falk at

If you are a fan, parent or friend, please consider sending some kind of report when you go to a match. It doesn't have to be anything lengthy or professional, just your own view of what went down in a few words.

Here is how our coverage looks so far...

we've got coverage coming from Seattle University Redhawks

we've got coverage coming from Tacoma CC, Pierce CC and possibly South Puget Sound CC.

we've got coverage coming from Peninsula CC

If your local school isn't listed under one of the websites above, please let them know so we can give them some extra love, too!

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