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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Seattle Soccer Examiner

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hanauer sheds light on coaching search goals

He's scouting players in South America right now, but the search for Sounders FC's first head coach is a topic General Manager Adrian Hanauer is willing to take time out and talk about.

I sent Hanauer a few questions via email and he responded from Colombia. It is clear the decision on this hire is one SSFC are taking their time with, and one they have set very specific qualifications for.

Hanauer's words on the head coach search:

"We are going to hire a head coach in a similar way to other hirings that we have made at Sounders FC. The head coach will be an individual of high character... someone who wants to be in Seattle and who will be very proud to live in the city and be part of the community.

We will hire a head coach who understands and embraces the MLS system, and who is willing to put in the hard work necessary to creatively put a winning side on the pitch. Given the MLS salary cap... coaching in MLS is slightly unique and requires a certain mentality."

On what the head coach will be expected to do outside of match day:

"We are also looking for a head coach who is willing to coach. Many players coming out of the university system still need a decent amount of technical and tactical support, and we want a staff that is willing and able to supply all of the support needed to allow players to continue to evolve their game.

The head coach will interact daily with the Technical Director (Chris Henderson) and myself and will be part of a team, all working together for the same goals."

On getting players before signing a head coach:

"We are trying to balance being out there looking for and signing players, while being cognizant of a head coaches' need to have a large degree of influence over the players that he wants.
But what we didn't want, was a completely blank slate when the head coach walks in the door to Sounders FC. We hope to give him a head start, and the tools (and a few players) necessary, to be successful."


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