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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Distracted? Tired? Unfocused? Sounders begin last-ever homestand with a whimper

Nik Besagno jumps against the Islanders.
(Rick Morrison)

See photos from the match by Rick Morrison here.

The Seattle Sounders lost 3-0 at home last....Hey, look! The Premiership is kicking off! Aren't those the new SSFC MLS scarves? Gee the Emerald City Supporters are sure sounding good these days. I wonder if Kasey Keller is...

Guess I'll try again.

The Seattle Sounders lost 3-0 at home last night to the Puerto Rico Islanders in a match that found them looking distracted, tired, unorganized and disinterested.

Checking the records over at the Seattle Pitch, the last time a club called Seattle Sounders lost by three goals at home in regular season league play was August 20, 2001 when the Milwaukee Rampage thumped Seattle 5-2 at Memorial Stadium.

Alas, almost seven years later to the day, it happened again. The spin doctors are busy, but really this let down performance has several key elements, and they are recurring 2008 themes.

The all-out chase for the US Open Cup crown has left this club very little time to adjust emotionally for the fact that they have already recently won everything else they have left to play for. It's now 'play out the string, try not to get injured, and see if we can make ourselves feel good by repeating as league playoff champions.'

I am going to give this group of guys and the coaching staff a few more matches into this final, last-ever homestand to make a call on their mental outlooks.

After the first match of the seven-game swan song, the only thing to say is that we are a tired, unfocused, uncertain club. We've got six more matches to get it right and leave the best possible impression in the minds of the Sounders FC staff who will build our club for 2009.

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