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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SeattleSportsOnline: A 'waiting game' for USL Sounders

Roger Levesque is hoping, and waiting, to see if he'll 'go up' with Seattle.
(Jenni Conner photo.)

Todd Dybas of SeattleSportsOnline.com has published an article about the most-recent Sounders, the players from the 2008 USL club, who have fallen off of the radar for some as big names are signed by Sounders FC.

These guys are waiting to see what the new Seattle Major League Soccer club does in terms of player signings in the next few months.

"Obviously it is a weird time because a lot of stuff is up in the air," midfielder Kevin Sakuda, who played with the USL Sounders since 2003, said. "We're all kind of sitting and waiting and trying to stay sharp."

The USL Sounders under contract prior to the start of last season are now free agents. Many, knowing MLS was on the horizon, played with one-year contracts that expired Oct. 31, or were in the option year of their contract, as was the case for Sakuda, and are now free agents.

"At the beginning of last year, one of the big reasons they decided to have a team was to keep a core group of guys in Seattle with the thought that they would make the transition to the MLS team," forward Roger Levesque, who played with the USL Sounders since 2003, said. "I'm not necessarily entirely sure if that is still the case."

Read Todd's entire article here.

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