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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sounders Super Search takes over Tukwila

More videos: 11 x 11 Final Cut

Nearly 300 players descended on Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila on November 15 for the second open try outs held by Seattle Sounders FC in an effort to find a player who will be named to the 28-man roster by fans and scouts after the Super Bowl early next year.

Talk about the Sounders Super Search in the GOALSeattle.com forums.

The three finalists chosen from the Tukwila tryouts were Gareth Waite of Orinda, California, Oliver Wellman of Bellevue who plays for Western Washington, and Erik Sterling of Federal Way, who was a star at Decatur in high school.

On hand to cover the event for GOALSeattle.com was soccer fan Tracie McKinnon. Tracie helps run "The Pulse" soccer report over at www.WPS-Soccer.com. The Pulse is a thorough recap of all the local youth soccer action and club news.

See a few more of Tracie's photos here.

by Tracie McKinnon

We arrived late to the Sounder Tryouts to see about 300 or so young men just kinda lounging around not doing anything. We missed the mini drills and such.
All the coaching staff were huddled together on another field talking and going over their notes. This was going to be the 'first cut'. We saw the faces of the guys and their families that did make it. Some were smiling from ear to ear and some were kinda shocked by it all.

The guys left on the field that didn't make the cut weren't feeling sorry for themselves. They either went home to try another day or went to the field where the next round was being held.
Stands were pretty well covered with people watching for their son, brother or friend to make the next round.

Squads broke up into 2 groups playing half field each for scrimmages. There are some guys that really wanted this spot on the roster! And some seemed like it was no big deal.

There was one player, a goalie, that I thought did very well. This 'keeper talked with the players on the field, let them know what he wanted them to do etc. I was hoping that he would make it. I liked watching him play. Another player, with a red shirt and green socks, looked very good in defense and wanted to make the cut too. I believe his name is Sam and I met him at the ANC playing for Ireland.
So then the coaches came back together with their notes and after talking, made another cut.
"Sam" was still in it but the goalie I was hoping for was cut. He will land somewhere though. He's too good at what he was doing to not play.
Next they we're playing 11v11. Now its 'crunch time'! Show 'em what ya got boys!

Guys we're showing what foot skills and leadership they have on the field during a game.
A couple of really fast forwards and mids. Nice 'boots' by the defenders. All the makings for an exciting game. Again the coaches started looking at all the players, taking their notes.

Now on to the final cuts.Guys that got picked were given what I believe to be a Sounders scarf.
Way to go, guys! All the hard work you showed is paying off! Now its up to the fans of the game for a small portion of it.

The final tryout will be broadcast on Sunday, February 1, 2009, following Super Bowl XLIII on KING 5. Viewers will have the opportunity to narrow the finalists to three. A distinguished panel of judges will determine the winner.

The winner will be awarded a spot on the 2009 Sounders FC roster.


More coverage:
KING 5 News has online video here. SoundersFC.com is currently featuring a wrap-up video from Tony Ventrella. Jose Romero of the Seattle Times has a feature on the event, and even more in his new Sounders FC blog.

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