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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Saturday, November 22, 2008

DELETED report from USL meetings...

I am sorry to report that the blog that originally was posted here is no longer available.

The United Soccer Leagues has voiced 'concern' over the content of news taken directly from their league meetings. I have taken down the post at the request of the author.

I am only speaking on behalf of www.GOALSeattle.com when I say that this sort of 'closed door policy' is rather silly, and does little to protect clubs or 'grow' interest in soccer and the struggling USL-1.

Some of the more important notes from the deleted article are already around the internet, and for that you can thank the people who read this blog.

The representatives of the club who sent us information with honest intent are to be commended, and we will follow their progress to get a club for their area, despite the sometimes paranoid antics of the USL offices.


  1. USL is run by idiots.

  2. That's a shame. They should come down on their members who talk, not the people who report what actual people say. Just sayin'.

  3. Well, it appears that they requested it be taken down with good reason. At least one of the rumors that was posted here was false.


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