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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ask GOALSeattle.com

I haven't recruited for questions on this blog before, but now's your chance!

If you've got a question, any question about soccer in Seattle, from college to pro, from Tacoma Tide to Kitsap Soccer Club to Seattle Sounders FC, and beyond...

Write it in the comments section of this post! I'm sure that between myself and the fans who read this blog we can come up with some kind of answer(s).

This post is also connected to a similar thread over at www.SeattleSoccerTalk.com.



  1. i have season tickets for sounders fc next year. it will be the first time i have been to a club game, but i am a diehard fan. if i dont drink, would you still recommend sitting with the ECS?

  2. soundernoob: the ECS NEVER sits! They stand. :)

    OK, now that we have that one figured out...ECS are in a GA section (121-22-23), so go down and give it a try. If you've already got seats somewhere else, you can always go back if it isn't your style. GS

  3. Hey noob, I think there will be other groups to hang w/ in GA too, based on what I saw at the supporter's group meeting at Qwest a few months back. There's a lot of interest in these groups right now and I really believe there will be something for everyone. Hope this helps.

  4. 1. Any word on an exact date as to when Sounders FC jerseys will go on sale?

    2. Any word on the new facilities going up at Tukwila?

    3. What date roughly do MLS season schedules come out?

    4. What do you believe are the chances that both Portland & Vancouver become MLS cities in the next round of expansion?

    5. What are your expectations for the first year of Sounders FC?

  5. Thanks for the questions, Isaac.

    1. No word on the exact date, but we are only weeks away now. Late November or early December.

    2. The offices are nearly done (a few last-minute touches and equipment) and the practice facility is on schedule to be ready in about a month. If someone is nearby sometime please snap us some photos.

    3. MLS schedules are usually released in early February. Sometimes the league releases the opening week, and then the rest a bit later.

    4. Both PDX and Vancouver in the *same* round of 2011. I'd say the chances are slim. I think Miami and Vancouver are the best bets for 2011.

    5. I expect us to challenge for a playoff spot on the pitch, and create a lot of buzz for our attendances off of it.

  6. Is there any word or any information about the fact that the sounders fc might have reserve teams? For example U23 or lower teams? I know that they are hosting tryouts at different cities in Washington, but only one person is going to win an actual spot on the offical roster. What will happen to the rest of the other, maybe very good, players? Would they make the reserve team or teams?

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  8. Yes, Sounders FC will have teams from U-14 all the way up to MLS reserves.

    See here:


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