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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prost Amerika Soccer: Schmid has to Prune Roughly Half the Camp

As we get closer to the start of our first season in MLS Prost Amerika is stepping up its coverage of the Sounders and soccer in general. See their new portal page
here. Below is today's PA entry anticipating roster cuts.

Courtesy of Prost Amerika Soccer

There are 32 players in California currently training with the Sounders FC. Of them 8-9 seem certain of making the squad or have already had their places confirmed. Former USL players Sebastien Le Toux, Taylor Graham, Sanna Nyassi and Chris Eylander have already been offered contracts. Freddie Ljungberg and Kasey Keller have been drafted in as big name signings. Fredy Montero has signed but the deal is awaiting immigration papers. Of those acquired in the November draft, ten in all, we can probably assume a minimum of 2-3 and probably more will remain.

Three players are not training with the 32. Freddie Ljungberg, Peter Vagenas and Bermudan midfielder Khano Smith are all on the treatment table, but the latter two seem likely to be retained if the Sounders are going to the trouble of paying for their rehab.

So by my crude mathematics, that leaves those currently training competing for 21 places, and of them 8-9 are not really under any threat.

That leaves 12 places for those currently in camp but who have not yet been signed. There are probably 23 players who fall into that category. This means that player such as Danny Jackson, Roger Levesque, Adam West and Zach Scott seem to have roughly a 50/50 chance of making it.

MLS - The Case for Danny Jackson

On a side note, USL Club Captain and proud Yorkshireman Danny Jackson underwent some immigration difficulties last year and the Seattle Sounders stuck with him and went to great lengths to get him back to Seattle. One can only ponder that this may have been with more in mind than him seeing out the USL season with a club about to largely disband its playing squad.

Add to that Danny’s background. With a German mother and competent language skills, he may be useful to have around the place given the current make-up of the coaching staff. Danny also bridges the two worlds that will make up the Sounders locker room. His Seattle background added to his European heritage make him the perfect player to unite the cosmopolitan squad. He also may be able to represent locker room concerns to the management in a manner that will successfully bridge any divides.

Be aware - we’re not predicting anything but there is a solid case for retaining Jackson and his centre half partnership with Taylor Graham wasn’t exactly the worst thing about the Seattle Sounders last year.

Photo credit: Nate Sturgis looks like he'll stick with Sounders FC. (Rick Morrison)

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  1. Just want to air the fact that I hate the use of the term "center half". Central defenders are "center backs", and no longer play in a "half" (midfield) position. Functionally speaking, center halves are center mids--not central defenders. Let the archaic term die!

  2. Danny is now proud to be an American and is slower than molasses.

  3. Danny has a a very good role, good luck danny


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