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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Monday, February 23, 2009

Smaller local clubs stay clear of Sounders' wake

One thing we know about the sport of elite-level soccer in Puget Sound in 2009: there's going to be plenty of it to watch.The huge majority of those watching will be doing so because of interest in Seattle Sounders FC.The Sounders have sold 20,000 season tickets and it looks like a good bet that nearly all matches will sell out before or on match nights.

This is in effect a tsunami of interest in pro soccer, and how far the waves reach is unknown. Our three fourth division sides, Tacoma Tide FC, Kitsap Pumas, and Seattle Wolves FC, are of course hoping that the high water interest in Sounders FC will spill over to their neighborhoods. Just in case, the three clubs have tried their very best to not schedule their home matches on the same night the Sounders are home at Qwest. Some of it is that the guys who run these sides are genuinely Sounders fans, and some of it is simply the fact they don't want to be selling tickets up against the Sounders juggernaut.

When the Premier Development League schedules for Tacoma, Seattle and Kitsap were released they showed only three local home matches (out of 24) in conflict. Tacoma Tide FC have since reduced that number to 2 after they moved a match with Seattle Wolves to Tuesday June 23 in Tacoma to avoid a Sounders home match. Now the dubious two left are Seattle Wolves hosting Kitsap May 30 while the Sounders are at home against Columbus Crew, and Tacoma Tide FC hosting the Spokane Spiders at 3:00 PM in the afternoon on Sunday June 28th while the Sounders are hosting the Colorado Rapids two hours earlier at Qwest.

So there you have it, soccer lovers. Our three smaller clubs have 22 home matches that don't fall on Sounders home days.

Make your plans to catch one of these clubs in action. We've got the master Puget Sound home schedule right here.

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Seattle Wolves FC celebrate a goal against Sounders Super Search players. (Jenni Conner)

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