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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2009 Sounders FC Roster Page

In an effort to have a 'home page' where fans can go for information GOALSeattle has started a 2009 Sounders FC roster page.

If you have links, rumors, ideas, information or news you think should be a part of this central page please post in this blog reply area or send to goalseattle@gmail.com.

I was talking with a couple of photographers on the sidelines at the Sounders match last Saturday and realized that even beginning to talk about Major League Soccer roster rules is a real headache.

Many fans assume that the players we get for 2009 will be substantially better-paid than the guys we have on the USL squad. This isn't true. (Reminds me: we need a link or two on the page about general MLS roster rules, don't we...)

Further, there are terms such as "DP," "Allocation," "Senior Roster," "Developmental Player," Discovery Player," "Generation Adidas..."

We might just need a dictionary section.

Please help build this page while Sounders FC build our 2009 club.

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