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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Other Seattle Bloggers

I'd like to use this post to share links to some other Seattle soccer bloggers.

(If I missed you, it wasn't on purpose.)

New to the blogging community is SounderAtHeart.com.
After only a few posts it's clear this blog will focus on the details and give insight backed up with facts. Nice addition!

The Beautiful Game in the Emerald City is quality and today has posted a list of possible Sounders FC coaching candidates.

Don Ruiz at the Tacoma News Tribune blogs about local soccer on the professional side.

JMayers looks at the world of football in The Beautiful Game.

The Soundersfootblog is a look inside the mind of a Sounders fan and his reflections on the club and game.

TheOffside.com has a Sounders FC blog. Give Steve some time, he's still in Chile' and will be blogging more when he gets back home.

The Seattle Soccer Show posts its popular player ratings list in their blog.

Not set up as bloggers, but providing excellent coverage for Seattle soccer fans are The Seattle Pitch with Ron Stickney's match reports, ProstAmerika.com with Steve Clare's fine writing, and SoccerSeattleStyle.com with Paul and Chuck Davis' devotion to the Sounders shining through.

GoSounders.com deserves a bookmark for setting up a feed where you can get updates for many of the sites above all in one place.

The Emerald City Supporters are refining their web presence at WeAreECS.com.

Did I miss your blog or site? Post the link in the comments section or send it to me at goalseattle@gmail.com.


  1. Great Stuff.

    We were just thinking about doing this too!

  2. much appreciated, but we all know you're the seattle soccer authority on the blogosphere david

    great stuff as always, GS is a must-visit everyday

  3. Thanks much.

    I'm very new to this, having converted from a message board administrator so there are some bugs I'm working through, like why my sidebar changes won't work, and why my banner won't automatically resize like it says it should.

    But I think you'll like the content if you are a geek for details.

    Coming this week is a review of my favorite youngster in the international game at this time, as his season will only be two games, while his nation looks to their qualify for their first ever World Cup Finals.

    Again thanks for showing my new entry


  4. also, if people are having issues, please let me know, we are working through them

  5. Big ups to GS-1, the benevolent all powerful overlord of the Seattle Soccer Blogosphere.



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