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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can Freddie still play?

Note: We pass along player rumors in an effort to grow the buzz for Sounders FC. No first-hand knowledge is known about possible players, but multiple sources have contacted us to say Seattle are talking with Ljungberg. Only time will tell if he actually joins Sounders FC. Other Sounders fan sites are talking Ljungberg, too: SounderatHeart.com GoSounders.com WeAreECS.com. Here's our initial report from yesterday.

Can Freddie still play?

That's the next question for Sounders FC fans as they contemplate a possible club attempt to sign the former Arsenal star.

West Ham United released Ljungberg this summer and ended a 4-year deal after only a short spell. Questions have flown in Europe about how serious Freddie is taking the sport these days, as well as how healthy he is.

Ljungberg's time at West Ham overshadows his stellar career with Arsenal.

He began life as a Hammer with the right attitude:

"I am happy to be back to full strength with my body," Ljungberg, who has struggled due to injury this season, told the club's official website.

"I feel strong and have had lots of time to recover."

Soon enough it was all over, though:

"I gave my all at West Ham and enjoyed my time there," said Ljungberg on West Ham's official website, "But the decision is the best for the both of us. Now I will take my time to consider my football future."

Contrast that with his excellent career with Arsenal and Sounders FC fans can be forgiven for scratching their heads and wondering which player would show up if Freddie wears a rave green kit in 2009.

Career stats posted on his wiki page don't detail the number of assists. Ljungberg's best goal-scoring season came in 2001-2 with Arsenal (17). In his last three seasons Freddie has scored just 2 goals each campaign.

His numbers are in decline, so how's the attitude?

"Given his dedication and contribution to the team's success it is important to state that Freddie is a valuable member of our squad," said (Arsenal's Arsene) Wenger.
"Although I can't predict the future, (his) experience and winner's attitude means he still has a lot to offer."

SoccerByIves.net is running a poll to see what MLS fans think of Ljungberg as a Seattle 'Designated Player.' As of this post, after over 1,200 votes, fans are against Freddie getting DP status, 57-42%

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