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Monday, October 27, 2008

Expressen: 2.5 million per year for Freddie

UPDATE: Jonas translates and summarizes some of the Swedish articles!

Our original contacts at Swedish newspaper Expressen have continued to post new material on their website. Many new stories up today that can be reached through this entry article.

Of special note is the first report on how much Freddie will be paid by Sounders FC. A Swedish-to-English online translator says:

"According to U.S. data Ljungberg has been offered a contract guaranteeing him 2.5 million dollars per year.

The owners are all very rich and they've decided to go for the new football team. "

Go to the Expressen coverage for Monday, October 27th.

This graphic appears today in Aftonbladet, after they orginally spurned GOALSeattle's 'rumors' and approach to get them on the story.

We first approached www.Aftonbladet.se with our Freddie rumors. They pretty much laughed us off. Yesterday I received an 'apology' email from them and a request for more information. Today they are jumping in to the Freddie coverage...

Fotballskanalen.se reminds us that Seattle have had a famous Swede before, in the NASL days: Rene Almqvist. Almqvist played 5 matches (defender) for the 1980 Sounders who finished top of the table. They also have kindly posted a link to GOALSeattle.com.

Check back with us all day as our Swedish friend Jonas sends us translated summaries of the articles.

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