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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun with the 'Freddie event'

Hey, guess what?

I am going to give this blog a breather on 'Freddie Tuesday' and let some other voices in the Sounders FC website world provide some insight and coverage. Visit ProstAmerika.com, WeAreECS.com, GoSounders.com and other sites to see how fans are covering the event!

I'll be at the fan greeting at 5:00 PM, though I'll miss the 11:00 AM press conference.

I'm sure the newspapers and stations will have a blurb or two. Don't forget SoundersFC.com will televise the news conference live.

I've given myself the assignment of 'just being a Seattle soccer fan' for Freddie day. Having followed the whole drama from first rumor to final confirmation, now is the time for me to take it all in.

Seattle is joining the soccer world in a bigger way. The club name 'Seattle Sounders FC' is appearing in hundred of languages across thousands of newspapers and websites with more to follow. It is a very fun time and I am thankful to the Sounders owners for giving us fans special moments like these.

I will return to the blog after the big day with reflections of my own personal fan experience, and how I think the Freddie announcement 'came off.'

Keep talking Sounders FC and Freddie in our forums, where multiple threads are worth a read, a post or a vote...

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  1. Lazy sod! No seriously enjoy. I'll be covering the Press Conference and will have quotes from the Front Office guys, the player himself, fan and pundit reaction, coverage from Sweden and exclusive photos.

    Accompanying this will be a facts about Freddie you didn't know table, a career history and for our overseas friends, an outsider's guide to Seattle.


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