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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vote for "Kitsap Kayaks" by October 25th

(You'll pardon my extra enthusiasm about this. It is a dream come true that a level of pro soccer is coming to my 'neighborhood' for the first time! Living in west Puget Sound I've followed the Seattle Sounders (east) and Tacoma Tide (south) over the years. Now a club is coming to the county I actually live in! Just what I need...more soccer to follow!)
What do you think of this design idea?

I encourage fans who will be supporting the Kitsap Soccer Club in 2009 to go to www.KitsapSoccerClub.com, hit the "Click here to name the team" button, select "other" from the menu, and write in "Kayaks."

Above you see a possible modern interpretation of a club logo.

GOALKitsap.com likes "Kitsap Kayaks," so does Chuck Stark of the Kitsap Sun.

Get on board the 'boat!' Vote "Kitsap Kayaks!"

(If we really want to get pushy, we'd also like the club colors to be Red, Black and White, after the Kitsap County Official Crest and Seal.)

Read more about this home-grown effort to build pro soccer in West Sound here.

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