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Friday, October 31, 2008

Montero in 'limbo' between Cali and...?

It was reported a month or so ago that an 'American group' had bought the rights to 19-year old Colombian scoring sensation Freddy Montero of Club Deportivo Cali. Soon after a Colombian soccer website reported that Seattle Sounders FC were connected to that sale.

Seattle General Manager Adrian Hanauer has made no secret of his recent travels to the South American country, as recently as late September, and at least once with Technical Director Chris Henderson.

More recently it has been suggested that Sounders FC may own the majority of Montero's rights, with a Spanish club, possibly Sevilla, hold a minority interest.

If this is true, then Montero could be pulled to either Seattle or Europe in the coming weeks. The Colombian Clausura finishes in December, and that is when it is believed that this Freddy would come to Seattle.

I spoke with a Colombian soccer blogger who watched a televised match of Montero's Deportivo Cali club a day ago. Esteban Lugo tells me the following...

"Montero said that his rights are owned by an American Group. But the only media rumors that I've seen link him to Seattle. (Not just in BigSoccer but in Colombian media as well).

Here's a translation of Montero's post-match interview:

"It was exciting to play at this brand new stadium. I had a special interest in doing so since it was my first and last game here. I will travel when this tournament finishes." When the reporter asked "where to?" he said, "Let's wait until the tournament (Colombian League) is over. My rights are owned to a U.S. Group and we haven't decided where I'm gonna go."

"There are rumors of Argentina"- Said the reporter. "Let's wait and see"- Said Montero. "Where would you like to go?" said the reporter. "My dream is to play in Europe. But we'll have to see. I'm willing to make whatever stop in the road is necessary to get there".

So he didn't really confirm anything. But the media keeps linking him to Seattle.

About his style of play, he's a killer in the area. I'm not kidding. Montero is one of the best finishers in the Colombian league that I've seen in ages. His coach had also tried to use him as a winger but I see him more effective as a classical #9. He has a decent free kick as well. As all good finishers, he tends to be selfish. Look for him hunting for those loose balls after corner kicks.

Also, he's not your typical "fancy footwork" South American striker. He doesn't dribble that much. But he totally make up for that with his goalscoring prowess. He didn't have a good debut with the NT but to be fair, it was against Paraguay which (believe it or not) it's the best team in South America right now wereas Colombia is going trough rough times.

We will continue to track the Freddy Montero 'limbo.' I'll remind Sounders fans that the same rumor about Ljungberg also came with a comment leaked to me that Montero was 'a done deal' for Seattle.

Now we can see that a 'done deal' might just mean that Sounders FC have most of his rights, and could benefit by Montero's sale to Europe without him ever wearing a rave green kit. The Sounders may be in no hurry to make a decision on Montero until they've gone through the expansion draft (November 26) and the post-season free agent rush in MLS.


  1. Sounds like this would be an awesome signing. Good job going out there and finding this information!

  2. We should seriously just load up on young South American talent. Europe is constantly looking to South America, so we should to. Only thing is, Europe gets the A quality, so we would have to settle for the B. We could sign three great prospects for what we are paying Ljunberg. I'm not saying that he's a bad signing or anything, but it's true. Plus, if we find one superstar out of 10 prospects we reap the transfer-to-Europe reward. There are so many positives to this type of strategy, not to mention young, hungry talent taking us to an MLS championship and getting us into the Champs League. To make a long comment longer, this is great news and exactly what I wanna see out of the organization.

  3. South America is overflowing with talent. It’s great to hear a rumor linking us to a promising young star. I would love to see this kid representing the city and team. We need more news, rather, reality like this. I understand why the organization inked Freddy Ljungberg’s, but his best years are far behind him, really. Acquiring South American talent is the way to build a winner in Seattle.


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