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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Seattle Soccer Examiner

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two goalkeepers, one goal at Washington

Photo by Tim Willis / UW Daily.
After junior Rylan Hawkins (left) spent most of last year injured and unable to play, Hawkins and sophomore Stephen Fung are sharing more time in goal for the Huskies.

Sheena Nguyen of the UW Daily continues her excellent coverage of the Huskies with a look at the goalkeeping tandem in the Washington nets:

Fung’s laid-back attitude stems from having growing up playing soccer in Hawaii.

“The team I played for started me out as a forward and I sucked at it,” said Fung. “I wasn’t really athletic ... [and] I was a clumsy kid so I got stuck at goal.”

He might not have fully realized his potential as a goalkeeper at first, since he began tending the net at only eight years of age, but he has developed into one of the team’s greatest assets today.

“Stephen’s very strong at shot stopping as well as his play along the line,” said Washington coach Dean Wurzberger, “So we’re very confident.”

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