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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Freddy Montero buzz growing

10/15 Update: Columbian website repeats 'Sounders own 65% of Montero'
10/6 Update: Montero is a 'player of interest' says Hanauer

Are Sounders FC looking into bringing young Colombian striker Freddy Montero to Seattle in 2009?

This article says Freddy Montero to Sounders FC is a done deal. Here's the entire translation.

Montero, who to the date takes 11 goals in the (Colombian First Division), would leave in December to the United States to add itself to the discipline of the Seattle Sounders.

Just in: GOAL.com builds off of initial speculation.

After a bit of searching it turns out that Freddy is linked with a move from Deportivo Cali to Steau Bucharest. In that linked thread, a mix of Spanish and English, are secondary reports that MLS has offered Cali money for Montero's transfer.

Montero has a dream of playing in Europe, and he sees MLS as a possible way to get there.

A few roughly translated quotes from Montero:

The MLS option has much to offer”, declared Freddy Montero.

“I have many desires to play football outside of Colombia, like all professional players”, said the striker, who talked about three possibilities to move beyond his native country.

“Everything depends on the possibilities that it has to play… In Argentina and Mexico a great “display cabinet” is had, but also it is certain that the MLS is exporting many players to Europe."

“This moment which I am living with the Cali had dreamed it and I only hope that the things continue coming out until end year well. It offers much confidence to know that the made work is granting the opportunity to me to play outside. Now the commitment is greater, for the good of my companions, the club and to continue helping them".

Futbolred: So that it would consider advisable to play in the MLS?

F.M: “I do not have any problem, if the possibility occurs. It is as much going to be of benefit for the club as for me. I know that in any decision that takes my family it is going to me to support.

Romanian side Steau Bucarest already have three Colombians on their squad and recently said they will not talk about Montero rumors with the press, but will concentrate on the players they have and the season they are playing.

Deportivo Cali recently stated that Montero would be with the club through their current season.


  1. Just so I could get a vague sense of his abilities I pulled up Fredy Montero's profile in Football Manager 2008. Here it is.

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