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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Seattle Soccer Examiner

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Swedish TV: Freddie boards London plane bound for Seattle

A Swedish football site features this Sounders' website capture.

One of our Swedish contacts, Jonas, reports:

Sweden's two biggest television channels have stories on their home pages. (Svt and TV4 and their soccer site.)

The football site even has a capture of the SoundersFC.com front page, with arrows pointing up to the Swedish flag.

The Svt article does not say anything that Expressen has not covered. TV4 says that Ljungberg and Elefalk are en rout from London to Seattle for Tuesdays press conference.

Both articles are citing sources close to Ljungberg. (I am reading that as staff from CAA Stockholm and/or Ljungberg'ss press woman, I cannot remember her name, it is the same press official that Madonna uses....)

English-speaking media are now picking up the Sv4 story. Here's an AP report.

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