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Saturday, June 14, 2008

All Nations Cup kicks on...

Mexico v. Austria (Masters Division)

Ireland v. Japan (Masters Division)

USA v. Peru (Masters Division)
The All Nations Cup continues this weekend at Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila.

We've got a fans-eye-view from guest blogger Bratilla Jr on how some of the Masters Division matches (players 35 years or older) went this weekend:

I went and saw the US vs Bosnia game. US was kinda flat and unorganized. Maybe because they have thrown together the team to participate in the ANC according to one of the players. Bosnia really didn't look much better but had better handling of the ball.

While watching the game, one of my daughter's coaches was there talking with Sam, an Ireland player. (Coach Kyle was supposed to tryout for the team this year but had some kind of injury that prevented him from doing so.) Anyway, he introduce my daughter and I to him. What a great guy! And a big old smile!

Sam used to coach up in Bothell ( Martha Lake) and was actually supposed to play for one of the teams that didn't make the ANC cut (prelims?), so off to Ireland he goes.

Daughter and I go back up today to watch the Ireland-Japan game and the US vs Peru.
Ireland looked OK, but kept taking body shots ( or maybe those were dives?) from Japan. Ball was controlled by both teams just about 50 -50 until late in the game Ireland takes more control and hits the back of the net. Ireland wins 1-0

USA goal against Peru.

The US game vs Peru was good to watch. US had better communication today and looked like they had been playing for more than the weekend! #6 for the US team is a GU18 Harbor Coach . At the half US was up 2-0....... but we had to leave! I couldn't tell you what the rest of the game was like!***

As a side note, I guess in the Brazil game there was a fight ( which I missed because I was near field 4 and the game was on 2! ) which took about 5 security officers to handle!

Here are the latest results from this weekend!

***Note: USA beat Peru 4-0.

Bratilla Jr. has some video below and more on this youtube page.

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