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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Monday, June 23, 2008

A 'Bloody' Sensation

Rick Morrison catches the photo of Hugo's elbow to Nunes.

Jenni Conner snaps the well-bloodied jersey as Nunes leaves the pitch.

Blood and rubber pellets as photographed by Rick Morrison.

The GOALSeattle.com photos of a bloodied Leo Inacio Nunes are causing comment in the internet soccer world.

How could so much blood get on a jersey?

Some joked that he looked like he was shot rather than elbowed.

The dramatic photos had others saying that they are proof soccer isn't the polite non-contact sport some believe it to be.

We don't have any update on Nunes' condition, but he was subbed out after 35 minutes in last weekend's 0-0 draw between the Sounders and Miami FC.

Seattle's Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar was yellow-carded for the elbow that caused the bloody mess.

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