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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Seattle Soccer Examiner

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Seattle Soccer Show" debuts online

The "Seattle Soccer Show" is taking shape over at www.SeattleSoccerShow.com.

I had a chance recently to ask a few questions of one of the show's hosts and creators, Mati Bishop. He'll join Seattle P-I soccer freelance writer and KJR Radio behind-the-scenes guy Matt Gaschk in the new venture. Here are a few questions and replies from my visit with Mati.

How did this soccer show come about?
I went to try and get set up for a job putting together weekend updates for KJR and mentioned that I wanted to put a soccer show together to Matt. He was really into the project and next thing you know he had us set up to record a pilot episode.

Will you be strictly online for now, or maybe occasionally live on the radio?
Right now we're strictly online. I'm hoping to slowly work soccer updates into the regular mix in the on-air side of KJR and potentially one day get our own on-air show.

How do you think you and Matt will compliment each other?
Matt and I have known each other since I started putting together The Sounders Insider in 2006 and we've always had good conversations about the game. We come at the game from different perspectives and I think the key to the show being interesting is meeting somewhere in the middle.

The Seattle soccer scene is exploding. How are you guys going to take advantage of that and also help it along?
Our goal right now is to develop the reputation as Seattle's Number One Soccer Show and make KJR the local leader in soccer specific media coverage. We're working on a series of contests and events to get people involved in a grassroots level. The key is to grab the mainstream interest in the Sounders FC and introduce those people to Seattle's soccer culture.

You both are big fans of the sport. Is that how you'll approach your show...as a fan?
Matt is a huge fan, but is also very good at approaching the game from the media viewpoint. My strength has always been in my passion for the game as a fan. This is another one of those spots where meeting somewhere near the middle is going to make the show the best it can be.

Seattle soccer fans have been hungering for more news and places to hear about their sport. What ways will you try to reach out to them and make this a 'must listen' for them?
We're working a a variety of projects to get the fans involved and give them some "must listen" content. We plan on having a guest on the show as often as possible. These will be prominent members of the soccer community who have an interesting story or two to tell. We're also putting together a fan line, where fans can call in and leave their rants, commentary, desires in a voice mail that can be worked into the show. We've got some contests, like the Euro 2008 Prediction Contest, and are planning some events to help get the word out about the show. We're always open to ideas as well.

Do you guys plan to talk about the full-spectrum of Seattle soccer (youth, college, semi-pro, pro) or just mainly on Sounders FC?
The goal of the show is to develop a conversation about the World's game from a Seattle perspective. This will include news, updates and features about local soccer and coverage of the game around the World. Of course, Sounders FC is on the tip of everyone's tongue right now and we want to be the place that casual and die-hard fans can find out exciting and interesting information about their club.

When is your first show?
The Pilot episode is online right now. Our first fully produced episode with a guest will hit the netwaves late Thursday or early Friday of this week.


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