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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Friday, June 27, 2008

Can local 'Lightning Strike' provide players for MLS?

I recently emailed some questions to Lowell Sandoval of CrushN! Sports after seeing the website for the new "Lightning Strike FC" soccer club and its professed goal of finding, developing and moving players towards MLS (Major League Soccer).

Here's the Q & A:

What are the long term goals for the CRUSHN! Hispanic All-Stars club?

The CRUSHN! Sports Hispanic All-Stars have now transitioned into the CRUSHN! Sports
Lightning Strike MLS Development Team. The Lightning Strike FC focuses on recruiting, training and exposing talented players that are international, national and local.

Our club in turn provides a centralized forum for talented players and MLS franchises to meet. This forum is also valuable to professional teams that are international or reside in the USL-1 Division.

Will it have exclusively Hispanic players?

No. We are seeking a great blend of international, national and local talent. Our hopes are that many nationalities will be introduced to MLS franchises from our Lightning Strike FC.

What unique things do you see the club adding to the Puget Sound soccer community?

The Lightning Strike FC brings a “Rocky” style emphasis while delivering an international flavor of play locally. This is accomplished by a great new challenger going up against known champions. The Lightning Strike FC seeks out, discovers and brings together top tier players.

Do you hope to have official working relationships with local pro or semi-pro clubs?

The Pro and Semi Pro clubs need to keep things in an open forum setting, not really showing
special attention to any specific Academy or club. This encourages community support and
development for Soccer in our region. Based on this, the pro and semi pro teams will most likely
maintain an informal relationship structure. Each will be aware of each other, meet and
showcase talent and state needs.

Why did you / CRUSHN! Sports decide to get involved in this venture?

Our executives have been soccer fans since we were youngsters. There are many energizing examples that are helping move soccer to the next level in the United States.
Some of the easy ones to note are the U.S.A. Women’s Soccer Team, U.S.A. Men’s Soccer Team,
David Beckham joining the LA Galaxy and now the anticipation of the Seattle Sounders FC.
CRUSHN! Sports loves our 2007 and 2008 Seattle Sounders, and wanted to show our
appreciation for their dedication toward supporting our children with the Sounders Soccer Camps and amazing pro matches.

How many matches do you hope to schedule / play each year?

We plan to showcase a mix of national and international matches.

When is your next match?

We have a scrimmage on July 10th with Seattle University.

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