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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Seattle Soccer Examiner

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hanauer shares more from world travels

Sounders FC GM Adrian Hanauer shares a bit about his recent world travels to set up networks for finding players...

After China in the fall and South America earlier this spring, we departed Seattle with open minds, a busy itinerary and with a better base for exploring. With each trip, we go with a little more knowledge.

Ultimately, these trips are all about building a world class football side. What we’re doing now, in all aspects of our business, is learning the best ways to do things, be it building a youth system, an academy, how to treat our players, the best medical techniques, strength and conditioning techniques and even the ways to gain the home field advantage at Qwest.

We’re able to pick up kernels of knowledge everywhere we go, one building block at a time, from styles of play to creating connections from youth system to the first team. It all helps us make good decisions and also make this franchise more successful from Day One.

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