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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Monday, July 28, 2008

ASK ADRIAN: the 'players' plan

We exchanged emails with Sounders FC General Manager Adrian Hanauer today to get a better idea about what the next few months might bring in terms of players for the current USL or next year's MLS Sounders.

Are you satisfied with how the USL-1 club is being used for MLS development so far?

"I am never satisfied and always striving for better. But, there are some restrictions to how far we can go in "stacking" the USL roster, for purposes of moving players to MLS. We still hope to do a few things prior to the USL roster freeze (August 27)... some that may benefit the 2009 MLS team, and some to help out the 2008 USL team."

What about the 4-month gap between the end of USL-1 season and start of MLS training camp in January 2009: is that a period to sign players? What will signed players be doing (Le Toux) to stay in shape?

"Most of our players will be under contract and playing until October 31st this year. We decided to extend the contracts and pay the additional salaries in order to have less gap between the end of the USL season, and the beginning of the MLS season. In the 75 days between the two seasons... we will design fitness programs for each player who we want in 2009 training camp."

How important will the upcoming college season be in your roster plans?

"Very. The college season, and the draft that follows will be critically important to getting a few good young players. Additionally, we are spending a lot of time analyzing the current MLS season and trying to figure out which players might be left unprotected in the expansion draft."

Do you consider the January window the 'big one' for SSFC's first roster?


How do you see the 2009 roster 'balancing out' between college graduates, imports, locals and MLS vets? Will our roster (18-man) be mostly young and looking toward the future, or mostly experienced and looking for instant success?

"We have a very good strategy in place for building our roster in a way that we think will be successful. But it also doesn't help us much, to have all of our competitors knowing what we are trying to do. So, unfortunately, I am going to have to take a pass on this question."


  1. UPDATE: The Seattle P-I says that Ciaran O'Brien will join the USL Sounders on loan for a month, and that Kevin Forrest will sign for the remainder of the 2008 season.


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