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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Flying Pies in the Boot Room!"

Raw video feed from yesterday's press conference is now online.

Former Seattle Sonics announcer Kevin Calabro was revealed as the first-ever voice of Sounders FC on July 21st in a press conference at Qwest Field.

A day later the news is starting to sink in for soccer fans around the northwest.

My initial take? Calabro is an entertainer who has a lot to offer us in 2009. My initial concern? Kevin isn't a 'soccer guy,' so we'll need that knowledge and nuance to come from whomever sits beside him in the booth.

I don't need an English accent and muliple 'futbol' references. Sounders FC are an American team, after all. However, Calabro is now challenged to bring the sport we love back to us with wit, energy and above all accuracy.

Our 'American announcer' detectors will be on high alert to see how he manages to make us forget his NBA days and embrace his new soccer agenda.

"Flying pies in the boot room?" Let's hope not.

A thread at SeattleSoccerTalk.com has been started by fans to give KC help with his new gig.

Read a press conference report from ProstAmerika.com.

Reaction from around the internet:

SEATTLE SOUNDERS FC certainly already has some ‘mainstream’ names involved in their day-to-day affairs; owners of the MLS 2009 expansion franchise include a movie mogul (Joe Roth, the majority owner), a Microsoft mogul (its co-founder Paul Allen), and a well-known TV personality now seen daily (comedian and ‘Price Is Right’ host Drew Carey). For local sports fans in the Emerald City, another familiar name was added to the list on Monday… ---MVN.com

Kevin Calabro had an option to stay with the Sonics Thunder for the upcoming NBA season, but declined it when the abrupt move to Oklahoma City became apparent.
So Kevin Calabro becomes the first NBA talent to officially turn down Oklahoma City. And for soccer no less. Get ready for MLS littered with 70s soul references! I couldn’t be more thrilled. ---HotdogandFriends.com

When Kevin Calabro raised his trusted voice Monday, he spoke of hope. His golden tongue, formerly used to broadcast Sonics games, turned his new soccer venture into a fantasy, a chance to "embark" on a journey with "the world's game." Calabro made moving on — c-ya, NBA; greetings, Major League Soccer — feel more like a chic opportunity than a drab fallback. ---Jerry Brewer, Seattle Times

Seattle's preparations for a spectacular launch in 2009 took another step forward with the announcement of a multi-year local TV deal, nearly nine months before it plays an official league match. ---Soccer America

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