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Friday, December 12, 2008

If Sounders tampered with Schmid, does it matter?

The World's game comes to Seattle...and soon after we find ourselves sounding more and more like we 'belong' on that stage.

I'm caught between a twinge of sadness and a bout of sarcasm as I ponder what direction to go with the recent press that has put the name "Sounders" in the same headline with the words "accused" and "tampering." Sounds like something Liverpool might lay on Chelsea, doesn't it? We have arrived.

Yet I can't make light of the charges just yet because my mind keeps wandering back to the beginning of our new club and General Manager Adrian Hanauer's building-block belief that only people of strong character, integrity and a love for Seattle would be brought on board to mold the fledgling side.

It was all going quite well and better than could have been expected until this Sigi Schmid head coach search tampering press. Now I am starting to wonder if Sounders FC might have made a misstep or two.

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It's about the 'character' issue. Either Schmid was contacted early, or he contacted the Sounders early, or there is nothing to the charges. Schmid, however, is already talking about paying the Crew a 'fine' and moving on. That may or may not be necessary, but is already a warning sign for the Sounders. If he'll do it once, he'll do it again, the saying goes.

I was also struck by a couple of our player selections in the MLS expansion draft. Keeping Hanauer's 'character' credo in mind, we drafted two players who are currently under league suspension. Jeff Parke was suspended for using performance-enhancing 'chemicals,' and Khano Smith is serving a match out for a rough tackle that could have ended a player's career. Parke might be off to Europe, Smith might be tamable. I'm all for second chances, so we'll see.

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Sounders fans, the 'World's game' is definitely on its way. The reporting around the club will become more intense, mainstream, and we'll be hearing more news than ever before. That doesn't mean we are going to like all of what we hear.

We have yet to play a match, and already we appear to be acting the part. Freddie Ljungberg will feel right at home, won't he?

If the Sounders are guilty of tampering, does it matter to you or change your perception of the club? Add your comments.

Fans are sounding off on the tampering charges in the GOALSeattle Forums.

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