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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Schmid's 2009 season is in 'league hands'

The Sounders head coaching search is about to end, but will that ending take a surprise twist?

The Columbus Dispatch today suggested that Major League Soccer may have to step in to decide or moderate the near future of Sigi Schmid. The section reads:

One source with knowledge of Schmid's contract situation cited a non-compete clause in Schmid's Crew contract that could preclude him from coaching the Sounders or any other MLS team in 2009. The Crew has reportedly filed tampering charges against the Sounders.

"Something has occurred that has sort of made my decision for me," said Schmid. "It's in the league's hands."

Sounders technical director Chris Henderson deferred comment until today.

What might Schmid be referring to? He's out for sure at Columbus, but where to next? What has 'made the decision' for him?

It sure seems like the league offices are going to (likely already have) step in and make the final decision. It surely can't be that they'll force Schmid to sit a year out of the league. However I'll bet that Sounders FC will be owing some compensation to the Crew for how this is all going down. First the charge of tampering, then the possibility that Schmid's contract has a 'non-compete' clause (who would sign such a clause anyway?)

We may get Sigi in the end, but at what cost to our pocket books, draft choices, or league reputation?

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