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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Friday, December 5, 2008

Rave Green Fashion

The Seattle Sounders FC Fashion Show took place last night and numerous online stories are out today.

The Seattle P-I has coverage and a photo gallery.

GoSounders.com has the start of their coverage here.

SoundersFC.com has a new splash page that leads to a shopping page for gear.

The Seattle Times has photos and video from the event.

(Earlier in the day Jose Romero snapped photos of Freddie Ljungberg meeting Seattle Seahawks' Mike Holgren and Matt Hasselbeck.)

Out of the evening we learned for certain that Sounders FC will wear rave green shirts and blue shorts at home, and the opposite away: blue shirt with rave green shorts.


  1. Replica vs Authentic?
    The Pro Shop Website lists the Replica at $70, and the Authentic jersey at $90, what is the difference? the picture looks exactly the same.

  2. Authentic = same as what the players will wear, quality-wise. Plus the American flag on both colors.

    Replica = not as thick, not an actual soccer-playing quality jersey.

  3. This is true, but on touching and looking at the two jerseys side by side, and when asked to pick which one was authentic and which was replica, I picked wrong. They are VERY similar, but with a price difference of $20, I went with the one that said Seattle Sounders FC under the back collar, had a screened on Adidas logo instead of a stitched one, and nicely said Seattle Sounders FC 2009 on the inner hem. Go Authentic... mainly because it's not a $100 difference like other sports.

  4. I can't seem to find the gray track jacket that LeToux is wearing in a few of the photos. It has the blue stripes across the upper chest. Is this still for sale or not?


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