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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Seattle Soccer Examiner

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kitsap Pumas look locally for future talent

South Kitsap faced North last spring. Scouting local players will be a focus for the Pumas.

The Central Kitsap Reporter has a feature on the Kitsap Pumas and their efforts to weave the West Sound soccer community into the fabric of the new club.

“Our dream scenario would be to have the best young player in Kitsap play for us year one,” said executive director Ben Pecora, who has previous ties to Major League Soccer (MLS).

Pecora and club owner Robin Waite insist one of their top priorities in bringing pro soccer to Kitsap is to bolster the climate of youth soccer by partnering with the area’s clubs and school districts, and offering summer camps and coaching clinics, among others.

“We’re building this in as part of the fiber of the club,” Pecora said. “It’s a big part of what we’re doing. I think we’re unique in that regard even though we’re a new franchise.”

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