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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Seattle Soccer Examiner

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sigi Schmid announced as Sounders' coach Tuesday

Gary Washburn reports in the Seattle P-I that Sigi Schmid will be announced as Sounders FC's first head coach Tuesday December 16 at an 11:00 AM PST press conference at Qwest Field. The club has emailed fans with an invitation to meet the new coach the same day at 6:00 PM at FX McRory's.

The signing will end the recent saga involving the Sounders, Columbus Crew and Schmid over contract issues.

Schmid is the hottest property in MLS coaching today having completed the 2008 season with Columbus Crew by winning the Coach of the Year award and guiding the Crew to both the regular season title and MLS Cup Championship.

Over his career as a youth, national youth, college and professional coach Schmid has been a winner and often a champion. Sigi won three national championships as coach of the UCLA Bruins. He won two regular season titles with the LA Galaxy along with a US Open Cup and an MLS Cup crown.

Schmid's record is well-respected in American soccer circles. He shows up to scout and support numerous tournaments at all levels. He has participated in a DVD on tactics for offensive soccer. He's been a player and a coach during the huge rise of youth soccer in the country.

Schmid is sensitive to claims that his clubs play defensive-minded soccer. "The only thing that bothers me." Schmid told the LA Times about his firing by the Galaxy, "was the insinuation at the time that we didn't play attractive enough soccer, that we weren't offensive enough. That moniker was sort of hung on me, and that bothers me because at the time we were the highest-scoring team in the league. We play good defense so that we can play good offense. You've got to have the ball in order to attack. If you don't play good defense, you're not going to get the ball."

The video below features Schmid being interviewed (via phone) after being awarded 2008 Coach of the Year honors.


  1. The writer for the PI obviously doesn't know soccer. He said, "Schmid is highly regarded as one of the world's top soccer coaches and took over the Crew and Los Angeles Galaxy and took both clubs to championships."
    In the WORLD? Really? The US maybe, but not the world. We need real soccer writers in Seattle, not the guys who used to cover the Sonics and are typical US sports fans. Even Jose Romero's blog shows his lack of soccer knowledge.

  2. Well, among soccer coaches he might be tops...as long as you don't include football gaffers and managers as well! ;)


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