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Friday, December 12, 2008

Sounders could be third in line for Montero

The same website that reported a few months ago that Colombian striker Freddy Montero was in-part purchased by Sounders FC is now reporting that the leading scorer in the country's premier league is headed to Spain and Real Betis.

Sounders FC have never confirmed or denied involvement with Montero. There has been speculation that Seattle bought 65% of Montero's rights, and a Spanish club the other 35%. It appears that club is Real Betis.

The article says in part that Montero will go to Spain to try and catch on with Betis. If that doesn't happen he'll explore options in Argentina, or come to the USA and play for Sounders FC.

If Sounders FC do in fact own the majority of Freddy's rights then they will in some way benefit from his move to Real Betis. Perhaps a loaned player from Betis, or cash.

If you read Spanish, give us a translation.


  1. Here is my rough translation. I don't think this report is the last word on the subject:

    The future of Colombian forward Freddy Henkyer Montero will not be the United States, but prestigious La Liga in Spain.

    The top artilleryman of La Copa Mustang II (16 goals to date) is in the sights of Real Betis. So says the report in the Spanish sports newspaper Estadio Deportivo. In its Saturday, December 13th edition, that newspaper features the talented goalscorer of Campo de la Cruz, Atlantic on its cover.

    "Freddy, Colombian goal for Betis: The Deportivo Cali forward, the last jewel in the green and white orbit," writes Estadio Deportivo at the foot of the cover photo.

    We remember at the beginning of October that Deportivo Cali (where the forward was forged from lower divisions) sold 65% of the player's rights to a group of American businessmen.

    The last game that the "all-star" will play with the Azucarera emblem will be this sunday (the last date of the four way playoffs of La Copa Mustang II) in 'Pascual' against Atletico Junior.

    Not surpassing the interest of Betis, Freddy Montero would strengthen the Seattle Sounders of MLS, though offers for the player have come in from the Argentine league.

  2. Thank you for the translation. Yes, it does seem like while Betis are interested, Seattle will have the final say in where Freddy ends up.

  3. The key for Seattle will be to discover players like Freddy b/f they become prolific enough to garner the attention of Europe. Even if they are only w/ Seattle for a season or two, the benefits will include goals when they play and a healthy transfer fee when they leave. This is why the FO has to dig deeper than the level of Freddy in South America in order to discover the Freddy-type gems b/f they are such.


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