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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ASK ADRIAN: A busy January for Sounders FC

We haven't checked in with Sounders FC General Manager Adrian Hanauer in a while, so we thought we'd do that today...

Our questions are numbered and Hanauer's answers appear in blue.

1. Can you explain the allocation process in MLS? Do Sounders FC have a deadline to ask for / use these funds?

Allocation money comes from various sources... expansion, order of finish in the league, transfer fees, etc... It can be used to buy down salaries or to acquire players. The specific amounts of allocation are not disclosed.
We have 2 years in which to use our expansion allocation money.

2. Sigi Schmid is used to having control over player issues from his days at Columbus. Can you talk a bit about how that subject was addressed with Sigi, and how the player personnel 'team' is combining efforts going forward?

It really wasn't an issue. Sigi will have significant control, but work within the confines of a team atmosphere. Sigi wants to win. In winning organizations, everyone has their role and area of expertise. It will be no different within our organization.

3. Freddy Montero has been on the lips and in the forums for Sounders fans over recent weeks. If you can't talk about Freddy specifically yet, can you address the way Sounders FC handles player purchases? Is it a goal or policy of the club to purchase up and coming players even if they might never wear a Seattle uniform? To make money in the transfer market? Would Sounders FC consider combining with a second club to share a player's rights?

You are correct. I can't really comment.
However, I can tell you that for Sounders FC to purchase the rights to players is very difficult. Any funds spent to acquire rights, count against the salary cap. Loans are more likely solutions to transfer fees.

4. How many hours a day are you working on Sounders FC projects these days?

95% of my time is spent on Sounders FC.
If you ask my girlfriend, she will tell you that I work 16 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Given the world market... it truly is a 24/7 position. But, it's not quite like working in a coal mine!

5. How are the Starfire facilities coming along?

Facilities are coming along nicely. Not all parts of the expansion will be completed by the beginning of training camp, but given our trips to California and Argentina for pre-season... we are most concerned about being able to move in more permanently on approximately March 10th.

6. When can fans anticipate might be the first time (practice) that they can see the Sounders live out on the pitch?

The Coaching Staff and the rest of the organization are beginning to sort through which training sessions may/may not be open to the public. Check back with me on this issue.

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