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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Seattle Soccer Examiner

Monday, January 26, 2009

GOALSeattle begins archive for season one...or is that twenty-six?

Over the weekend I started up the archive pages for the 2009 Seattle Sounders FC season. It is an annual tradition of getting the website ready for the news, events, photos, videos and memories of the new year.

This time around there can be no doubting that the ritual brings with it more anticipation and excitement than perhaps ever before. We are about to archive Seattle's first season in Major League Soccer. We are also about to begin the archives of Seattle's 26th season of being called "Sounders."

The 2009 Museum Page takes its cue from both aspects, and uses the motto "Tradition...from the first kick."

While I am busy trying to recount the previous 25 seasons (1979 will be coming shortly) in this blog, I am also laying the groundwork for remembering the season we are still anticipating. It's all a part of the archive process.

You can come to the 2009 Sounders FC Museum Page for the match schedule and for the latest uploaded photos, videos, press releases and fan memorabilia. You can also help build the archive by sending me your own photos, scans and memories to goalseattle@gmail.com. When you visit why not click "Museum Home" and look back at the last 25 seasons, then take that pride of tradition with you to Qwest Field this year as we begin, again.

Our new start has an amazing 25-season preamble.

Visit: 2009 Seattle Sounders FC Museum Page

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  1. That's okay, I keep finding myself thinking about how 2002 is finally here ...


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