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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Seattle Soccer Examiner

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GOALSeattle.com announces partnership with SeattleTeams.com

GOALSeattle.com is excited to announce that we've struck a partnership with local sports gear supplier SeattleTeams.com to allow fans to purchase Sounders FC gear online when they visit our ever-growing Seattle soccer website!

SeattleTeams.com has been around for years and they rely on local fans to help their local business survive. The partnership means that when fans visiting GOALSeattle.com click Seattle Team Shop banners and order Sounders gear online, 8% of the total order is sent back to GOALSeattle.com to help run our Museum, blog, forums and photo galleries.

GOALSeattle.com is an important part of Seattle soccer but the costs of running the various parts of the website are ever-increasing. This partnership will send some much-needed revenue to the website and will help allow us to continue to cover and support all of Seattle soccer as we anticipate the debut of Sounders FC.

If you are planning to order Sounders gear online please consider logging on to GOALSeattle.com and ordering by clicking through to one of our banners that lead to the SeattleTeams.com store. When you do a special 'tracking number' is assigned and we get a percentage of your order. Your price stays the same, we just get a kick back from Seattle Teams.

You'll find permanent ordering banners on the GOALSeattle.com front page, the right side of the GOALSeattle Blog and at the bottom of the GOALSeattle Forum pages.

Thanks for visiting and considering us before you place your online Sounders gear order!

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