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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Seattle Soccer Examiner

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sounders pick Akron striker Steve Zakuani first in MLS draft

Sounders FC have selected Steve Zakuani #1 in today's MLS draft.

SoundersFC.com is posting live updates and has some photos of Zakuani with the Seattle contingent at the draft.

Zakuani expressed excitement at coming to Seattle. “I just remember when Toronto came in the league and there was such a buzz and excitement around them. I remember they had great fans behind them. I think it’ll be the same for Seattle. I think already 20,000 season tickets [have been] sold. That’s already proof that there’s a buzz in that city…[I will] be part of something brand new: a new team, new franchise. Everything’s going to be brand new and I’m going to be a part of that. That was really why I wanted to go there, and I’ve heard it’s a great city…Plus the coach—everywhere he’s gone, he’s been successful. There’s going to be a chance for me to be a part of that over there.”

Zakuani spent time in London club Arsenal's youth system. “That’s where I learned to play the game of soccer. Anybody who’s seen Arsenal play knows that the way they play soccer is the most attractive style in the world. I grew up under that tutelage for five years…I got to travel around the world with them to some major tournaments, play against some of the best players in England, week in and week out, and some of the best players around Europe. That’s really where I got my soccer education…It was just a great time, a great experience.”

With their pick in the second round Sounders FC selected defender (right back) Evan Brown from Wake Forest.

With their pick in the third the Sounders took Jared Karkas, a left back from Azuza Pacific. Karkas was voted a 2008 All-American in the NAIA.
With their pick in the fourth round Seattle selected Harvard midfielder / forward Michael Fucito.

University of Washington defender George John was selected 14th in the first round by FC Dallas.

Husky senior attacker Raphael Cox was chosen 54th by Real Salt Lake.


  1. Best choice!!!! Explosive, creative and dangerous. What a first pick should be. Based on the style of play we can expect....he'll be doing a lot of running! Goosebumps!

  2. Yippee Zippee!

  3. I always news that if he got picked by us he will be playing with someome he had to look up to if he played in the youth system at Arsenal

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