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Friday, July 11, 2008

It's time to start Cascio and bench Schmid

Cascio attacks in the home opener. Start him, Brian! (Rick Morrsion)

The time has come for Brian Schmetzer to make a tough but important decision.

It is time to start Jason Cascio up front and bench struggling striker Andre Schmid.

As it now stands, Schmid is giving us the effort, but in the process has shown his biggest weaknesses as well: inconsistent finishing, inability to combine well with Sebastien Le Toux, problems going straight at defenders and maintaining possession.

Jason brings to the Sounders what Schmid can't.

Cascio has a low center of gravity, a flowing attack ability, is hard to knock off the ball and has an accurate, powerful shot.

Schmid should be better in the air than he actually is with his height. He's been given ample opportunity to shine with the unfortunate long-lasting injuries to Roger Levesque (out at least another 5-8 weeks as of this blog).

I've seen some growth in Schmid's game, and there is no doubt that he is a physical specimen. How far does that take you when you can seem to only score the 'johnny on the spot' type of goals (Montreal match) and not create enough of your own chances or finish 'sitters?' (Portland, Kansas City).

I've watched Jason for several years be the leading scorer at Seattle University. We have all seen how his late-match appearances have given opposing defenses something different to look at than what Schmid brings.

I am suggesting we flip their roles: start Cascio and sub in Schmid at 75 minutes or so if Jason isn't producing.

This would give our opponents a bit more to handle. Right now Schmid and Le Toux are playing the same style, but at different skill levels. It's a 'herky-jerky' game of take off and run that is also a challenge for opponents. When you've got both of your strikers doing it, though, it just doesn't work. Better then to let Le Toux be himself, progress and all, and have a partner up top with a more fluid motion and complementary skill sets.

Now that he appears to be healthy again, Jason Cascio should get a shot at starting.

* * *

The Sounders are in Rochester tonight on Fox Soccer Channel at 5:00 PM.


  1. One of your criticisms of Schmid is that he's not as good as he should be in the air. Which in itself is an ok criticism, but the way you allow Letoux to just slide on by is kind of ridiculous. When was the last time Letoux actually won a 50/50 header in the air? Yea, I can't remember either.

    Schmid also has the ability to hold his ground, even when defenders are crawling all over his back. Letoux seems to just flail his arms up in the air if someone uses their shoulder. He's like Cristiano Ronaldo without the skill or talent...

  2. Good point. Le Toux is not very good in the air either. I remember as I was writing the opinion that I might have added the note that heading on corner kicks is likely the job of Taylor Graham.

    I am not sure about Cascio's ability with headers. Tonight I thought Jason showed some moments of promise. He still didn't see enough time. (1-0 loss at Rochester).


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