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Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Rave Green Loft Project

What else should an SSFC fan do on July 4th weekend?

Oh, that. Good call.

Me? I am starting what I'll name the "Rave Green Loft Project." The epicenter of the GOALSeattle.com Blog is getting a make-over. We are going from brown and orange (!) to "Landscape Garden" with "Monterey Blue" accents. Those colors are very close to Rave Green and the new Sounders blue (so says the light at Wal-Mart.)

So here are a couple of before photos along with a first-coat Rave Green photo.

Watch the blog as my computer / website office changes over to colors that support Seattle Sounders FC!

I've already got a few items framed (like team photos, etc) that were downstairs in our TV room. Now I am moving it all up to the loft.

If you've got a similar project going on, send photos to share here: goalseattle@gmail.com.

(Hey! What's our cat 'Hatchet' doing in there!)

UPDATE Sunday night 7/6:
I framed one of those SSFC Crest posters that have been floating around, and put it on the main Rave Green wall:

The rest of that wall will have two other posters: one from the DC-Real Madrid match I found in my sports closet, and one from this year's Brazil-Canada match.

I think I'll put the USL-1 Champions Sounders team posters on the wall over my computer...

Update 7/7:

The other posters are framed, and I found some cool 'bins' to put my GS camera and other gear in. (See bright green and blue 'tubs' on dresser).

Freddies (Fred Meyer) came through for me again. The poster frames were on sale for $7.99.

SSFC: the center of the wall.

Next up is finishing the painting on the wall by the computer and the window, and finding some kind of border for where the paint ends...

Update 7/7, afternoon:

The computer wall is done! Border chosen and applied, 2007 team photo framed and hung, new SSFC pennant up, cork on wall for calendar and notes.

See 'before' photo at very top. Here's the 'after' photo:

Next up: finish the window wall, and the entire project!

7/7 Evening...DONE!

Here are the final photos of the finished product. GOALSeattle is in the (rave) green.


  1. Looks pretty cool!
    My daughter is looking to paint so this may give me inspiration!


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