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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Friday, May 30, 2008

Fans feel SSFC's 'Momentum'

In an article over at www.SoundersFC.com Frank MacDonald talks with fans just after the jersey and sponsor debut.

Although they had guessed correctly on the jersey color, some of the fans attending the announcement seemed to hold their breath.

“I do like it, but I had been nervous about the color,” says Dave, who came to Qwest with his toddler son, Ian. “It looks pretty good and I like Xbox 360 a lot.”

Interjects Ian: “That’s the only kind we have,” and “Those are my two favorite colors.” In fact, Ian came dressed to kill, wearing a kiwi-colored T-shirt, navy pants and shoes bearing both colors.

Back to Dad. “I’m hoping for blue or white shorts,” Dave says. “I’m a big fan of the older Sounders, so it means a lot that they’re going to be green and blue. Different shades, but still green and blue.”

The Sounders FC may not have won, much less played, a game. However, there’s no denying the club’s momentum.

“I love the statements they are making and the fact that they’re listening to the fans,” Dave says. “The traditions that matter to us, matter to them. They are doing things in a first-class way, and everything the ownership group is saying has got me excited.”

Read all of the fan comments here.

Read a fellow blogger's appreciation of SSFC's goals.


  1. Maybe I'm a bit guilty of drinking the Kool Aid here, but it just seems like the moves keep going the right direction ... instead of pleading poverty, we have a team with resources and direction ...

  2. You know what, when the time comes to pull rank and tell the club they are messing up, I have proven that I'll be there to tell them that. So when they are making really solid choices, I see no uncoolness at all in also giving them credit...

    May 30, 2008 3:56 PM


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