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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Saturday, May 31, 2008

My soccer double-header: The Tide and Brazil

After much planning and finger-crossing it turns out that I am going to both the Tacoma Tide match against the Spokane Spiders at 2:05 PM today, and some other match scheduled for later tonight at Qwest Field.

Call me a crazy homer as at one point I was willing to go to the TFC match instead of Brazil-Canada at Qwest.

The Tide play at home eight times a year. Brazil comes to Seattle, what, once in a lifetime? The boys in yellow from Tacoma still rank as more important to me that the other boys in yellow.

TFC made the overlap moot when they rescheduled their match to the afternoon so they, some of the players and their fans could have a chance to see both matches.

So I'll be helping the Tide 'close' Curtis High School Field and then riding up with some of the team right after to take in the next big match at Qwest.

I am most looking forward to seeing Pato. He's the inventive sprite little young forward that had some dazzling goals for AC Milan last season. A real star in the making.

However, I'd really be just as happy if Rory Agu or Spencer Schomaker or any one of the other Tacoma Tide boys found the back of the net this afternoon and led TFC over Spokane.

Sorry Canada, but yellow is the color of the day.

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