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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Release the complainbots!

It's the day after Sounders FC scored a $20 million dollar sponsor. It's also the day after a bunch of dudes climbed up the Hawk's nest and unfurled a gigantic replica of the first-ever Sounders FC jersey.

Cue the 'complainbots.'

Coming from far and wide, and even amongst some who profess to be the most ardent supporters, are a stream of negative responses to the latest news about our club.

Some think Microsoft represents 'all that is evil' about corporate America, and are upset with the sponsor choice.

Others are reacting to the rave green in the kit.

True enough that many are also happy with what happened yesterday. Color me among them.

It was great to be at Qwest for this big moment, and great to once again hear Joe Roth talk about setting the standards for Sounders FC impossibly high and continually finding out that the impossible isn't.

It was great to see the new kit up close. The rave green is a chameleon-like color, and in person and on the kit it looks quite good. Photos have a hard time capturing the exact shade the eye sees. Lighting plays a part, too.

I like the design of the kit and I also like the sponsor. Beyond the money that comes our way it also will mean that literally hundreds of thousands of SSFC kits will be sold around the world to gamers. It's a big-time move by a club that continues to make the right moves in an effort to be big-time themselves.

I took the ferry home and dove into uploading videos, photos, and links. Now I have had a chance to read some of what locals, nationals and even internationals are saying about SSFC's latest big moment.

Luckily "Rave Green" is acting like a 'force field' for me. The complainbots are bouncing off it quite nicely.

PS: Love the band, too.


  1. A "smaller" sponsor would lead to cries of "small time" and so when they get the sponsor that essentially pays their entire salary cap without a ticket sold the complaints are in the "corporate whore" range ... ignore them all

  2. RAVE GREEN deflects ALL!

    Look, I get it that supporters need to keep their distance and cultivate an 'alternative' image. However, the constant stream of complaints about even the smallest thing regarding this new club are getting old, and I think are also setting a pattern that will be hard for some fans to break themselves from.

    You CAN be a fan with eyes wide open and still be really thrilled with all the choices SSFC have made so far.

    As for (some ultras) not wanting the giant jersey in the supporters area because it represents a 'corporate image,' that's just plain silly. It REPRESENTS our frickin' football club, that's what it represents.

  3. I think we all need to realize that landing a $20 million sponsorship deal before we even have a coach/team is incredible as that $4 million a year is enough to cover almost any MLS teams payroll save the Galaxy. Microsoft did us a favor by doing this, they could have spent that money more efficiently but I think we are in great shape and this team has been run under excellent leadership who are 100% committed to getting this club off to a great start. My only quip with the jersey is that it says "live" why not just Xbox 360? O well beggars can't be choosers. Sounders FC is going to be the MLS team that all others look towards for guidance. How else do you explain 16,000 + season tickets before we've even played a game.

  4. Would have preferred the reverse color scheme, think that would have appealed to more people. However, the kit is decent, would be a great away jersey :)


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