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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The goal is no gridball lines

Nice goal in the, er, endzone.
Le Toux crosses Seahawks colors to celebrate with fans.
(Jenni Conner, 2007.)

Don Ruiz blogs this on his "Indirect Kick" blog at the TNT website:

"That is a definite thing that we are striving to make sure that does not happen," Wright said of football lines on the soccer field. "It has challenges, but that is one of the things that we’re working on. … That’s my preference, and what’s really nice is Tim Ruskell on the Seahawks football side: That was the first thing he said: 'You can’t play with our football lines on there. We have to make sure that it’s done right.'

"Well for a football guy to say you’ve got to make sure that it’s done right, that’s pretty neat and pretty cool. Our goal seriously is to never play a game with football lines on it. I would hate to see that happen. I’m as fervent about that as any longtime soccer person could be."

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