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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sounders FC kit photo leaked

Image removed at the request of the photographer.

The club has seen the leaked photo, and the photographer's blog has been removed.

We've got a sneak peek of the first-ever SSFC kit thanks to fans in our forums.

Now all that is left is to find out who this sponsor is that those in the know are labeling 'cool' and likely to be 'very popular.'

Wednesday, 11:30 AM Qwest Field.


  1. Plain, plain, plain. Total lack of imagination just like the crest. I hope this kit wasn't designed around the sponcer. Maybe Philly will do better.

  2. When using 'rave green,' the term PLAIN is actually a good thing. It would be an easy color to 'overdo' and make way too 'busy.'

  3. Nah, could have been made to look like Gremios kit. They could have used a different color green. Or many of the mock ups I've seen from obviously underpaid Seattle fans in various blogs. Unimaginative in Seattle.

  4. Here's what I hate about MLS. Teams don't have uniforms, they have "colors." These cookie-cutter unis that Nike and Adidas provide don't give teams individual identity or history and leave fans wanting.

  5. I agreed to delete the photo I put on this blog, at the request of the photographer, who was contacted by someone in the club.

    I am sure the photo will circulate around the net in the coming days as these things are hard to stop once they get out.

    Dear SSFC: be cool. It's just a photo, and we didn't even see most of the kit anyways. Please don't take out a contract hit on the nice photographer. We all will see the whole thing in two days anyway...

  6. Here-here, Hope it's a false pic and the real one is better. How disapointing.


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