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Seattle Soccer Examiner

Seattle Soccer Examiner

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Local music CD for summer soccer days

Seattle. Soccer. Music. Summer.

It all comes together in "The Sound of Soccer, Volume One" as www.GOALSeattle.com puts together over 20 songs from local bands that you can download and burn for trips to Sounders matches and to make the time between matches stay in the groove.

Local soccer is booming in the Emerald City, and the local music scene is still full of life as literally thousands of bands play in garages and small stages across the state. Some of those bands have put their music for free download on the internet, and we've collected some of those offerings into one CD for soccer lovers to enjoy.

The album is a mix of band styles and sounds. A little something for everyone, perhaps?

Watch for music video previews in the coming weeks as we count down to the CD going online for you to download and burn!

(Promo video above feature's the song "Hand Me Downs," by Novatone.)

Here's another song on the compilation CD: "How It Goes" by Hometown Zeros.

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